Maintaining A Fish Tank - Tips and Tricks

Maintaining a fish tank is the most crucial part in taking care of fishes. Fishes are quiet, beautiful, clean, and seeing them offers a relief from stress and relaxation - making them great pets. See more at 

Keeping up an aquarium starts with prevention. Not putting in too much fish in an aquarium is the most crucial thing. Overcrowding an aquarium creates an unhealthy environment.

Cleaning the aquarium constantly can aid in prolonging the life of the fish, and it creates a habit that is healthy and clean for them. Not feeding your fish too many food is one way of keeping too much dirt away from your tank. Excessive feeding can lead to excess waste piling up on the bottom of the aquarium which you need to remove. In case you have live plants placed in your aquarium, you likewise have to take away dead leaves. The sides of the tank can be filled with algae due to dead leaves. But, using a scraper or a magnet for algae, you can get rid of them.

Keeping up a fish tank includes having a filtration system as well, which is also important for the water to stay clean. A monthly cleaning, at least, should be done to the filter. Once a month, you should also clean the substrate you have in the fish tank.

You should swap the material of filter if it is already worn out. The filter system has good bacteria. This bacteria helps in getting rid of ammonia and balances the nitrate content in the aquarium. Hence, for the filter to function effectively and efficiently, it should be cleaned and replaced in just a short amount of time. The ph levels of the water in the aquarium must also be monitored once a month. Ask about the correct ph balance from someone at the fish store in your area to know what it should be if you are not certain of it yet.

During the time that you are cleaning the tank's sides, using a detergent or soap is never an option. The residues that could be left behind can affect the health of the fish or even kill them. Instead, you can make use of a 90% clean water and 10% plain bleach mixture. It is good for washing the aquarium's sides as well as the accessories. Everything should be thoroughly rinsed before putting it all together again and refilling the aquarium.  

When you do a good job at maintaining your aquarium, your fish will have good health and longer life. A sufficiently cleaned tank also means you will have a great view of your fish.
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